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A Material Continuation
At left, artist Christine Corday, courtesy Corday Studio. At right, Philip Glass

A Material Continuation

Please join SITE SANTA FE and Radius Books for a multidisciplinary presentation with Christine Corday accompanied by live performances of A Madrigal Opera by Philip Glass. This event is part of Pioneers of Practice: Corday, Frankenthaler, Glass a two-part program conceived by artist Christine Corday.

*This performance is part of a two-part program with artist Christine Corday. Join Corday and art historian Alexander Nemerov in the morning for Soak-Stain: A Material Conversation. Ticketed separately.

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Christine Corday is an international multidisciplinary artist known for monumental concepts and installations. Recent project ‘Sans Titre’ culminated in Art as the thirty-sixth nation and final global contributor to the material build of a star on Earth, ITER [Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance, France]; as well as ongoing solo museum exhibitions and public works in civic collections worldwide. As sculptor, Corday engages a material-based practice in the evolving human-scale of perception and fundamental forces. She works in temperature, pressure and material states of atomic elements in close collaboration with Nobel laureate astrophysicists and EarthShot finalist chemists; National Academy of Engineering-awarded engineers; and a broad range of material sciences, cultural anthropology, chemistry, and phenomenology.

Karina Wilson (b. 1985 Albuquerque, NM) is an internationally known performer blending the worlds of international fiddle traditions, classical violin music, and modern sound experimentation. With a background in classical music she has been a fixture in the Santa Fe music scene since 1997 when as a child she debuted with the Pearl Potts Ballet company as the music for their production of Beatrix Potter. Throughout the years she has joined on stage members of the NM philharmonic, NM symphony, Pro Musica, Santa Fe community orchestra, High Desert Corral, NM Symphony chorus, numerous and international dance bands both in the states and abroad. In 2004 she began a personal journey to study traditional music and the place of tradition music within the context of community, culture, history and human migration. Since that time she has traveled through 18 different countries to track and study over 30 different styles of traditional music. This work is now manifesting as a full time member of Lone Pinon Orquesta Tipica Nuevomexicana, touring nationally and most recently collaborating on a lecture series with the NM Humanities Speakers Bureau.

Her modern composition, soundtrack and sound experimental collaborations include CCA (1998) Shakespeare in Santa Fe (1999-2001) High Mayhem (2004) Santa Fe Play house (2011-2013) ARCOS Dance company (2013), Circus Luminous(2018), Lumenscapes productions (2020), George RR Martin Films(2021), music for aid And awareness with Ukrainian composer Volodimir Kuzmenko (2022), and Meow Wolf (2024).