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Arturo Herrera

Arturo Herrera: You are here installed at SITE SANTA FE, photo by Zach Chambers

You Are Here

For more than 30 years, German-based Venezuelan-born artist Arturo Herrera has dedicated himself to investigating and understanding the complex histories and influences of abstraction and modernist visual languages. You are here is his first solo exhibition in New Mexico, featuring works that span almost three decades, from 1998 to today. The exhibition highlights the diverse nature of Herrera’s mark, showcasing sculpture, relief, painting, mixed media works on paper, collage, photography, glass, felt pieces, and two newly commissioned works, an architectural intervention titled Split (2023), installed in the Wallerstein Family Courtyard and Terrace, and Quarry (2024), a large-scale site-specific wall painting.

Herrera uses layering, repetition, and recomposition techniques to articulate the conceptual possibilities of abstraction. His approach to material, as subject and object, and the interplay between what is concealed and what is revealed, is the thread that weaves together these multidisciplinary artworks. Evoking the unconscious, he often mines fragments of familiar and nostalgic images from pop culture and arranges them with intricate sequences of shape, color, and line. The resulting composition conjures latent associations and creates a tangible exchange of readings between the artist, the artwork, and the viewer.

The show’s title, You are here, is a deceptively simple idea that elicits a sense of location internally and externally. It is more than a title; it’s a reflection of the exhibition’s essence, emphasizing a defined sense of place and presence that is private and individual. In an era of mass escapism, You are here can be wielded as a provocation, recited like an invocation, and can act as a humble reminder of where you, the viewer, find yourself in this exact moment that is unique and distinct from yesterday and tomorrow. It’s a reminder of the enduring power of art and abstraction to connect us to the present, ourselves, and each other in a world of constant change and distraction.


Support for You are here is generously provided by
SITE SANTA FE Board of Directors
SITE SANTA FE Exhibitions Fund
Jeanne and Mickey Klein
Charles W. Banta
James Cahn and Jeremiah Collatz
J. Travis Capps Jr.
Christopher Hill
Rosina Yue
Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department and the 1% Lodgers Tax
New Mexico Arts, a Division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment of the Arts

Artist Bios

Arturo Herrera

Arturo Herrera explores formal strategies of fragmentation, recomposition, and repetition through a diverse body of media—including wall paintings, collage works, felt sculptures, and glass. His colorful abstractions obscure and reveal areas of opaque and negative space, introducing a sense of ambiguity to the visual information being conveyed. Sequences of color, line, and shape gesture toward familiar figures while resisting any full commitment to symbolic legibility. Herrera is interested in the pictorial and conceptual possibilities of this defamiliarization, and how specific contexts of image-making and viewing can be uprooted and redefined.VIEW ARTIST