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James Turrell

The James Turrell exhibition is organized by SITE Santa Fe in collaboration with Lannan Foundation and curated by Kathleen Merrill, the director of art and literary programs at Lannan Foundation. Ms. Merrill, a graduate of Dartmouth College, has been assistant curator of the Bohen Foundation as well as assistant curator and program coordinator and coordinator for the special committee with the American Center in Paris, France and New York City. TheJames Turrell exhibition is sponsored by Lannan Foundation and Sothebys.

The San Francisco Volcanic Field, of which Roden Crater is a part, sprawls over some 2300 square miles of Arizona near the southern margin of the Colorado Plateau. It is here that James Turrell has been working on a new kind of observatory. Visitors to the Roden Crater will be led to see the universe, sunset, full moon, clouds, the midday sky, light itself — in an intensified, altered way. A variety of spaces carved out of the crater will gather starlight and catch the moonlight. Grounded in psychology, physics and math, Turrell works in the medium of light upon a canvas of earth and sky and human perception.

At SITE Santa Fe, James Turrell will present huge maquettes of the individual projects with the Roden Crater, including models of the modifications he designed to the crater in order to produce a specific visual effect. He will also be showing photographs and topographic maps of the work-to-date.

Artist Bios

James Turrell

Originally from Los Angeles, James Turrell, an Arizona-based artist, is recognized as a major figure in the field of contemporary art. He has shown his work in some fifty exhibitions, over half of these one-man shows in such prestigious institutions as the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Turrell is a recipient of both a MacArthur Foundation and Guggenheim Fellowship and has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Dia Art Foundation. His Roden Crater Project currently is supported by the Skystone Foundation.VIEW ARTIST