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Marco Brambilla: Creation (Megaplex)

Creation (Megaplex) is the completion of a trilogy of 3D video collages that began with Civilization (Megaplex) (2008) and Evolution (Megaplex) (2010). Creation (Megaplex) presents a spectacle of over 500 clips from a vast archive of iconic Hollywood and international films. Set within the form of a giant DNA double-helix, Brambilla takes the viewer on a spiraling trajectory that begins with a big bang and continues through embryonic inception, idyllic Eden-like bliss and decadence, and culminates in annihilation—only to then interminably re-invent itself. Brambilla creates a hyper-realistic landscape of meadows and burning cityscapes against which this cycle of human endeavor unfolds. Creation (Megaplex) is the most technologically complex work in the triptych. According to Christopher Eamon, “Brambilla’s working method is unique. Not content to merely montage clips together one after the other as in the now-familiar ‘collage film’ genre where appropriated films are sequenced to create something new, Brambilla’s approach crops and isolates figures and bits of action… collaging them together across space—as in a painting—as well as in time, as the piece unfolds temporally.”

About Marco Brambilla

Italian-born, New York-based artist Marco Brambilla (b. 1960) creates complex video works that recontextualize and collage found popular imagery. SITE is pleased to present Brambilla’s recently-completed Creation (2012), the third in the series entitled Megaplex, a tour-de-force trilogy of 3D video collages. Each piece in Brambilla’s stunning Megaplex series, including Civilization (2008), Evolution (2010), and Creation (Megaplex) (2012), is a spectacle of hundreds of clips from a vast archive of iconic films. In each video, Brambilla takes the viewer on a spiraling, mesmerizing journey of computer-altered found footage sampled from both mainstream and obscure films.

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Marco Brambilla