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Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward, linea nigra, 2022  acrylic and dye on stitched canvas  64 x 86 inches (162.6 x 218.4 cm)

distance to venus

SITE SANTA FE is thrilled to present Rebecca Ward: distance to venus, a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist, Rebecca Ward. Employing banded, sewn, and deconstructed canvases, Ward’s work explores the line between painting and sculpture. Her work emphasizes materiality and process, as she unravels and reassembles canvas to expose underlying stretcher bars, revealing the multidimensional physical structure of the painting itself.

distance to venus features a selection of recent works (2021-2022) tracing the transformative phases of pregnancy and childbirth through the language of geometry, materiality and abstraction. Expanding upon her previous vernacular of hard angles and straight lines, Ward’s new paintings employ curves which evoke an idealized female form. As a queer person experiencing motherhood, the artist implies a separation from the archetype of the female goddess, positioning a changing body in relationship to landscape, mathematics, and celestial phenomena.

Venus, at its nearest distance to Earth, is some 38 million miles away. Navigating her 38th rotation around the sun, Ward documents this rite of passage by transcribing the immeasurable into abstract minimalist forms. The exhibition coincides with the release of a monograph entitled before & after, which includes a conversation with curator Brandee Caoba.

Thank You!

Support for distance to venus is generously provided by:

Marti Meyerson and Jamie Hooper
SITE Santa Fe Board of Directors
SITE Santa Fe Annual Exhibition Fund


Rebecca Ward


Brandee Caoba

Brandee Caoba is an artist, curator, and visual activist whose creative and curatorial approaches are rooted in the symbiotic relationship between art...LEARN MORE