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1606 Paseo de Peralta
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Teresita Fernández


Waterfall consisted of an entirely new body of work for which artist Teresita Fernández chose, altered, and modified a 5,000-square-foot space at SITE SANTA FE. Of her large-scale sculptural works and wall pieces, Fernández states, “These works incorporate abstracted references to natural phenomena, sites in the landscape and states of arrest and movement.” For example; references to frozen waterfalls, land formations, and foliage will be used as vehicles for situations that place the viewer as witness to the objectified “site” in nature.

“I am currently developing a body of work which deals with the impossibility of wilderness. I am interested in landscape in terms of exotic place, extreme place and objectified space. The concept of wilderness in particular is at the core of these new works—thought as a kind of place where one loses one’s way, goes astray and becomes literally bewildered. But this very notion of wilderness already implies human presence because in fact, this wandering remains an act of human presence, and the wandering becomes about finding, choosing, marking sites that are most grand, most extreme, most exotic.” - Teresita Fernández

Artist Bios

Teresita Fernández

Teresita Fernández (b. 1968) expansively rethinks what constitutes landscape. Her artistic practice and research move from the subterranean to the cosmic, from political borders to the elusive psychic landscapes we carry within. Unraveling the intimacies between matter, human beings, and locations, through large-scale sculptures, site-specific installations, film, and works on paper that are all materially and conceptually driven, Fernández seeks to reveal the inherent violence embedded in how we imagine and define place. Fernández's work poetically challenges ideas of power, visibility, and erasure in connection to site and landscape.VIEW ARTIST