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1606 Paseo de Peralta
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Erika Wanenmacher

what Time Travel feels like, sometimes

Contemporary artist, practicing witch, and science fiction aficionado Erika Wanemacher invites audiences into an uncommon immersive experience through her new exhibition, what Time Travel feels like, sometimes. Wanemacher was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Feminist Studio Workshop in Los Angeles, and has lived and worked in Santa Fe for over 40 years.

what Time Travel feels like, sometimes explores the relationships between objects, memory, and time—delving into the intricate interplay between magic, human consciousness, and the ever-flowing river of time. Employing concepts like cellular memory and time travel, Wanemacher creates field narratives rooted in visual language that build connections across place and time. Her sculptures and installations serve as mnemonic devices, conjuring ideas, associations, and memories that resonate on a universal scale, while her photographs, paintings, and prints touch on personal narratives.

what Time Travel feels like, sometimes features a selection of work made over the last seven years, including her most recent installation, Liminal (2022-2024), a large-scale site-specific sculpture made from found glass with a distinct iridescence—a rainbow effect that occurs when glass is buried in the earth over time or incinerated with metals. The aged glass, collected daily through meditative walks in nearby arroyos and abandoned dumps in northern New Mexico, adds a temporal dimension to her process of object-making. In her own words, “I believe objects that are made with intent carry resonance that can shift energy, power, and beliefs. Clear intent focused by will and imagination are the components of a spell. I make spells in the form of objects.”

Artist Bios

Erika Wanenmacher

Born in the mid-1950s in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, Erika attended Kansas City Art Institute and the Feminist Studio Workshop in Los Angeles before settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico (whose landscape she had dreamed), where she has lived and worked for over 40 years. Her work has been shown and collected internationally.VIEW ARTIST

Brandee Caoba

Brandee Caoba is an artist, curator, and visual activist whose creative and curatorial approaches are rooted in the symbiotic relationship between art and social change. VIEW CURATOR