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1606 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Lucky Number Seven

Process, experimentation, and collaboration were the hallmarks of Lucky Number Seven, SITE SANTA FE’s Seventh International Biennial, which opened June 22, 2008. The project proposed an alternative to the current format of biennials, which had evolved into international mega-exhibitions studded with big-name, well-traveled artists.

All of the works for Lucky Number Seven were site-inspired commissions not intended to exist as works of art, per se, beyond the exhibition, with the majority of the materials being recycled back into the community. This element emphasizes temporality and process, and provides the artists with the opportunity to push their practices into new directions.

The advantage of such a framework is that it allows for experimentation and play, and is not dependent on the forces of the market. This instead proposes a field of possibilities, grounded in the unique environment and history of Santa Fe. Curator Lance M. Fung stated, “The energy that takes place between people engaged in creative activity has been a driving force in my curatorial work, and is a central element of Lucky Number Seven.”

Lucky Number Seven aimed to create an intimate, rigorous, yet playful exhibition that connects audiences to a spirit of discovery and learning. The artists featured in this Biennial were all emerging practitioners, ranging in age from their 20s through their 60s.

25 artists made 18 site-specific installations, all newly commissioned by SITE SANTA FE. These artists were nominated by 18 sponsoring institutions from 16 different countries around the globe.

“It is exciting and rewarding to be working in Santa Fe, and getting to know the city and its local communities. A crucial aspect of Lucky Number Seven is its engagement with local people, and after meeting with a broad range of the city’s cultural institutions, we are pleased that a number of them will be exhibition partners with SITE SANTA FE. This diversity of venues and locations will open up the exhibition to new audiences, providing access to contemporary art to many who may not have experienced it before.” - Lance M. Fung, Curator of Lucky Number Seven

“This never-before-seen convergence of so many global and local organizations, artists, student interns, volunteers, patrons, and friends in a common cause to realize this Biennial is a true testament to Lance Fung’s enthusiasm and vision, and SITE SANTA FE’s expanding role in this community and in the art world at large. It makes all of us on the Board very proud.” - Katherine Gentry, Board President

“The preparations were so intense and the energy so contagious that we were all inspired to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and to maximize the experience by extending the exhibition through January 4, 2009.” - Laura Heon, SITE SANTA FE Phillips Director

Exhibited Artists
Martí Anson
Erick Beltrán
Luchezar Boyadijev
Michal Budny
Ricarda Denzer
Fabian Giraud
Piero Golia
Soun Hong
Scott Lyall
Nick Mangan
Eliza Naranjo Morse
Nora Naranjo Morse
Ahmet Ögut
Shi Qing
Mandla Reuter
Nadine Robinson
Zbigniew Rogalski
Wael Shawky
Raphaël Siboni
Rose B. Simpson
Studio Azzurro

Lance Fung

Exhibition Design:
Billie Tsien & Tod Williams

Artist Bios

Martí Anson

Martí Anson's work typically involves generating expectations in the viewer that are subsequently not fulfilled. In his installations, films, and photographs, VIEW ARTIST

Lance Fung

Lance Fung is the chief curator for Fung Collaboratives, an arts organization that conceives and realizes contemporary art exhibitions around the world.VIEW CURATOR